Hicks Custom Interiors

About Us

Hicks Custom Interiors specializes in custom home interiors. I will work with you to redesign your space, create more storage, counter-space or update the look of your room to fit with your lifestyle. I have extensive knowledge in custom cabinetmaking, installation, service, and carpentry.  

My experience includes building and installing: 

I can also recommend construction project management, designers, contractors and many of the sub-trades to help your project run smoothly.


I start with in-home visits to discuss your needs and wants face-to-face. I will measure up the room, and either draw up a design solution myself or pass along measurements to your designer. We will work together to create a room we are both proud of.

Quality of Work 

I very much stand behind the work I do and have set very high standards for myself. I like to see perfection. To me, that means working with you to stay on time and on budget while achieving your goals. 

I build every cabinet by hand and can work with other tradespeople to ensure appliances, plumbing and countertops fit just right. Functionality in the space is key and will be part of the planning on every job. PersonaI touches will make the space just right and I work with experienced finishers to ensure existing stain and/or coloured lacquer is matched.

My prices are competitive and my estimates are free.